earprojector – “A device which projects a variety of distinctly dissimilar sounds of pleasure to your ears.”

Once described as sounding like “Marilyn Manson gatecrashing a Beatles session”, earprojector is a heavy pop outfit from the Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia), who have displayed a stubborn defiance against the usual pigeonholed based approach to music. Over the course of three albums their sound has always been eclectic and constantly evolving.

“Drawing influences from acts as diverse as Joy Division, The Beatles and Marilyn Manson while never sounding like any of them, this band has a truly unique musical vision” – Rhythms Magazine

Welcome to the Machine

‘The Invisible Man’ is the first single from earprojector’s new album
‘MIND OVER MACHINE’. The music video was shot at Shelter Studios
in earprojector’s hometown Katoomba. Produced by Adam Theobald.

“A lot of work and love went into this record, a lot of attention to details. In turns exciting, mesmerising, edgy and funky, it is an immediately accessible album which will nevertheless mature with repeated listening. Highly recommended!” – Julien Joel Clement

Mind Over Machine is out now through Actual Devil Records.