earprojector – A device which projects a variety of distinctly dissimilar sounds of pleasure to your ears.”

Once described as sounding like “Marilyn Manson gatecrashing a Beatles session” this heavy pop outfit from the Blue Mountains in Australia has displayed a stubborn defiance against the usual pigeon hole based approach to music. Over the course of three albums their sound has been always eclectic and constantly evolving.

The third, soon to be released album “Mind Over Machine” is the most exciting chapter so far in the earprojector story. The product of an intense one month writing session through an equally intense winter in Berlin, it is the most personal work yet of the bands’ songwriter and producer Raman Menon. The album represents two extremes in terms of production, ranging from the completely electronic to the completely organic. As such it is the ultimate human/machine hybrid.

The live earprojector experience has always been very different to the recorded one. Aided by the talents of Greg Charlton (Bass) and Corin Shearston (Drums), the music is interpreted with a raw, almost punk ethos, and a strong bent towards improvisation. The band will be touring extensively through 2020 with the aim of welcoming the world to “the Machine”.

Mind Over Machine is out now on Actual Devil Records.